Ovation BBDO

Advertising agency Ovation BBDO, part of BBDO Worldwide.


AdStarter is an internship program and your first step into communications career.

Contact us and use the opportunity to develop your talents with us, for the fields you are most passionate about:

Account Management

Project management, communication with the agency team on one end, and clients from different industries and countries on the other.

Design & Animation

Developing design and animation skills and talent crafted to meet the business goals of our clients.

Brand Strategy

Contextual insights about people, habits and society, building grounds of the best communication campaigns.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Imagination triggering brand storytelling and creative writing that shakes the hearts of audiences.

Digital Operations

Rocking content on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok or LinkedIn, and going viral, why not.

Media Planning

A sense of what, where, when and how should be placed in the best media mix, whether it’s TV, internet, OOH, radio or print.